Working out at home

Working out at home tips

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Just as I started falling in love with going to the gym, the governor sent a new order that shut it down… again. So, it was time for me to get creative and start working out at home.

I’ve experienced A LOT of bumps in the road. There have been days where I only do a 15 min workout. I’ve had days where I just don’t work out at all. I’ve struggled, more than I like to admit. But, I’ve learned some great things that have helped keep me going during this pandemic.

Keep reading to get my latest tips to help you work out at home.

Working out at home

Dedicate a space to do your work outs

I have a little area in the basement where I keep my workout equipment. It’s an area of the house that no body really goes in. When I’m ready to work out, I just head down there and everything is ready for me.

I watch work out videos in the living room sometimes. I have a small basket in an unused corner. It holds my yoga mat and a few small weights. It’s nice to have things handy when you are working out at home.

Set aside time

Just like how you schedule in everything else in your life, schedule your work outs. Set a time to get it done. You are far more likely to do something if you prioritize it and make time to do it.

It doesn’t have to be set for a specific time. I do my workouts right away when I get home from work. I always make sure I run all my errands before I go home. That way, I know I don’t have to leave the house again.

Get dressed for the work out even if you don’t want to do it

Its hard to stay motivated when you are forced to work out at home. One thing that has helped me with working out at home, is getting my work out gear on. No matter what, I always get dressed for my work out at my set work out time.

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Set yourself up for success

You don’t have to have equipment at home to get a great workout in, but it does help. Plus, slowly purchasing work out equipment gives you more opportunity to change up your workouts. I started with just a couple dumbells, a yoga mat and a small stability ball. Slowly, I have added a couple more things.

One of my favorite pieces of equipment that I’ve added is my Ab roller.

Get an accountability partner

This one has helped me a ton! I was slacking on getting my workouts in. Now that my kiddos are home all day, I’ve noticed they haven’t been as active lately. So I decided to ask them to start working out with me. The older ones are all for it.

Not only is it a great way for us to get our bodies moving, we are bonding in the process. The kids are always so excited for out next work out. It’s really helping me stay motivated.

Switch it up!

For a while, I was getting bored of my at home work outs. I kept longing for the gym where they have alternatives for workouts. That’s when I decided I can switch it up at home, too!

I’m always looking for something new to try. I use YouTube and Amazon Prime a lot for new workout ideas. Also, I just recently acquired some resistance bands. Seriously, I can’t wait to put those bad-boys to work!

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Working out isn’t always easy, but it’s always worth it. I hope these tips help you with your at home work outs.

I’d love to hear what you do for at home work outs! Leave me a comment below!

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2 thoughts on “Working out at home tips

  1. I have really struggled to get back into exercise since my gym closed. My husband and I keep saying we are going to work out at home together. This post might be the motivation I need. Thank you.

    1. Working out at home can be tough. Just start small and build a habbit. If i can do it, any one can! You got this

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