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I love my 5 minutes outside with my dogs

I know, it doesn’t sound like much. But honestly,  it’s the only thing that keeps me going some days. I get home from work and three dogs come running to me. They all have that excited “MOMMYS HOME!!” look in their eyes. They don’t care if I’m upset, angry, sad. They are always happy to see me.

The evening rolls in. We just finished cleaning up from supper. The kids are off to their rooms or living room to catch a show. My partner is in our room, picking out a movie for us to watch to wind down. The dogs give me that longing look in their eyes because they know, its time to go outside with mommy.

Its our thing

Every day, I take 5 minutes to go outside with the dogs. In those 5 minutes, it’s like the entire world around me finally stops and I can just breath.

Some days i’ll bring out a glass of wine and spend a little time watching them play. You cant help but giggle as they run about. They’e always so happy, it reminds me that i need to be happy to.

Its so much more than just letting the dogs out to potty. Its my five minutes with them. Where we have eachothers undivided attentoion. Its my 5 minutes to catch my breath after the day has been too hectic. I swear they know when mommy needs some extra love.

Sometimes they just sit on the deck with me. Looking at the stars and watching the cars go by. Other days they run and play with eachother. They always find a way to make me laugh.

Every busy mama out there needs to remember to take 5 minutes to yourself. Self care is so important. You are amazing and you got this.

Leave a comment below and tell me what you do to wind down after a hectic day.

‘Til next time

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