Rainy day Activities for Kids

Rainy day screen-free activities for kids

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I swear, during the summer it only seemed to rain on our days off. We would get cramped up inside. Hearing “I’m bored” every ten minutes. Ugh, that phrase is worse than nails on a chalk board.

Or worse yet, they get themselves glued to a screen and it seems impossible to pull them away.

It’s time for an activity!


There’s no need to over think the activities! Coloring is a great way to pass time. It also gives everyone a chance to express themselves in different ways.

Its a good idea to keep some coloring books and sketch books handy.

If you have a printer at home check out THIS website for free kids coloring pages.

Coloring is a great stress reliever for adults too! Check out THIS website for free adult coloring pages.

Break out the board games!

I love board games and playing cards! We are a competitive family so it can get pretty intense. Here are a few of our favorite rainy day games

Homemade decor for the season

This is one of my favorite things to do. Make hand turkeys for thanksgiving. Candy canes for Christmas. Decorate paper eggs for Easter.

The options are endless!

(Hey future Kimmy! Add links here of those art projects you’re talking about)

Bake some goodies

Every one loves cookies, right!?!?

I’m not a big fan of ruining my diet but hey, it happens. Baking is great for all ages. Every one can have a part in this.

Plus, having the oven on warms the house up. Its a win win!

Make bracelets

Making bracelets is soothing and relaxing. Well, it should be anyways.

We like making those embroidery thread bracelets. The ones where you weave the strings.

They are great for rainy days because they take time. Every one gets so into making them that my house is almost quiet for a moment.

Masking tape games!!

Who knew a roll of masking tape could lead to so much fun!

The options are endless for this.

You can play hopscotch, build a race car track, long jumps. Check out this pin for more great ideas

Don’t let the balloon touch the ground

Its always a good idea to keep a couple balloons on hand for this game

Hot Lava

This one is an oldie but a goodie. This game works great if you have older furniture!

Rainy days can be tough to get through. Keeping the kids busy is half the battle. Just don’t over think the activities and everything will be alright.

‘Till next time,

Kimmy Shenanigans

5 thoughts on “Rainy day screen-free activities for kids

  1. We love so many of these, my girls play hot lava anywhere we go even the doctor’s office hahaha. We have never tried the masking tape games at home but will have to give that a go! We had lots of fun doing our fall decor this year!

    1. Hey Jenn!
      Its not always easy to keep them occupied! I’ve never thought to play hot lava at the doctors office but i love the idea. I’ll have to give it a try the next time we go.

  2. I LOVE playing the don’t let the balloon hit the ground game with the kids. We’ve been stuck in the house for 4 days now with a bad snow storm that hit Colorado. So it’s been games, colors, and creativity for this family

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