How to find Motivation to Accomplish your Goals

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It seems like we all have big goals and ideas, but its easy to get yourself caught in a rut some times. Your energy is drained. Maybe you had a tough day, something got you in a bad mood. Now you’re slacking on your goals and not doing the things you need to do. You know you need to find motivation.

How do you get that motivation back?

Shake off your bad mood

It’s tough to get yourself in a mind set to get stuff done when your have a negative mind set.

For more ideas on how to shake a bad mood, jump over to this post.

Set realistic, teeny tiny goals

And smash the crap out of them!!

You wont find motivation looking at your huge, long term goals all the time can get discouraging.

Even if its a goal to just get that one email sent or fold that one hamper of laundry.

Start by setting tiny goals that you know you can do. It helps to write them down, too. Make a check list and cross off the goals that you smash and even add more.

Doing this has a domino effect. If you start doing one thing, chances are you’ll gain momentum and move on to the next thing.

Just do it

Nike was right. Just get up and start doing something. Start writing down those goals we were talking about. Do anything that will get you one step closer to where you want to be.

Making the effort to just do it is half the battle. Like going to the gym, for instance. Getting ready and leaving the house is the biggest step. Once you actually get to the gym, you’re far more likely to work out a little bit.

Set a timer for 15 minutes

I use this trick on the family a lot.

Its a great way to get every one up and moving.

“Alright guys! We are going to tidy up the house for 15 minutes. That’s it, just 15 minutes.”

Its amazing what can be accomplished in those 15 minutes! This works for just about anything! Like when i’m not sure what to write about, I tell myself I’ll look at my blog for 15 minutes. Before i know it, an hour has gone by.

Or when i really don’t feel up to working out, I tell myself I’ll just do the elliptical for 15 minutes. Sometimes, that’s all i do. Its better than nothing. But most of the time, i end up doing more.

Remind yourself why you’re doing it

Why are you going to the gym or writing a blog?

Find you’re why. When you find a good reason to do something, it makes that something easier to do.

Listen or read something Motivational

I’ve said this once and I’ll say it again: Youtube is AMAZING!

The Internet is full of amazing information, if you know where to look.

Listen to this video where Eric Thomas talks about finding your why. He is amazing and so inspiring. If you want to find motivation, look to E.T.

If you are more into reading AudiobooksNow has a lot of great options.

You can use this link to get 50% off your first audiobook purchase (affiliate link)

Reward yourself for your accomplishments

Small rewards for small goals.

If you get the laundry done tonight, reward yourself by catching some reading for the rest of the evening. You made it to the gym, reward yourself with a nice bubble bath when you get home. Go buy some car parts, what ever tickles your fancy.

I know finding motivation can be challenging. But if you try to make an effort, motivation will find its way to you.

‘Till next time,

Kimmy Shenanigans

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