Dress Your Best on A Budget

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Dressing up for a formal event should be a fun experience. Not one where you worries about your finances.

Dressing to the nines does not always have to mean spending a bunch of money on an outfit. There are so many ways to look absolutely stunning with out breaking the bank.


This is a fun little tip I learned from an old friend.

Many years ago, I was shopping at a local thrift store.  As a recently new single mom, I was struggling to put together a decent outfit for my daughter’s upcoming school play. I didn’t have much for funds and I thought “I cant get a nice outfit with so little cash.”

I was stressing. Thumbing through tops and bottoms, trying to find something that would work.

“I can’t do this.” I thought. I could feel the tears start to well up in my eyes.

That’s when she came up to me, put a hand on my shoulder, and offered to help.

I gave her a little bit of my story. Told her that things are a bit tight right now and i just want to look well dressed for my daughter. I told her that there is no way i can do this.

Oh man, did she prove me wrong!

As she was helping me shop, she was explaining to me that the accessories are the heart of the outfit. We picked out a plain black blouse, really simple. Then she grabbed an old, gold like, long chain necklace.  

And just like that, the outfit was just about perfect! We grabbed a matching bracelet,  and some elegant shoes. I was looking like a million bucks and only spent $10! 

Accessorizing is so much fun! A few necklaces and bracelets can mix and match to make up so many different looks. And you don’t have to spend and arm and a leg to do it. 

There’s nothing wrong with wearing a $3 necklace from the discount section. As long as you look great, who cares?

Stay comfortable

Comfort is key when it comes to looking your best. (I’m not saying pajamas and a bun every is the best way to attend a formal but, man, that is the ultimate comfort.)

If you go to the formal event wearing an uncomfortable outfit, it will show. If its not to your liking, chances are you’ll be messing with your clothing all night.

Pulling down on a skirt that’s too short, or adjusting your top to keep the girls in place. Its no fun.

If you are comfortable, you will be more confident. Confidence is the most valuable accessory a woman can wear.

“Confidence is the most valuable accessory a woman can wear. “

When you are confident about how you look, it will show in your non verbal language. Making you look even better.

Be careful where and how you shop

Don’t forget to check the clearance rack when going through a store, you never know what you might find for a dollar or two.

Thrift stores and garage sales are also great places to find clothing. (Just make sure to wash them when you get home)

Another great place to shop is outlet stores, such as Ross and Burlington Coat Factory .

Make sure you try everything on. If it doesn’t fit just right and you don’t love it, don’t buy it!

Keep yourself well groomed and keep hygiene in mind

Your hair and makeup doesn’t have to be done by a stylist to look great. Sometimes, all you have to do is run a brush through it.

All you have to do is avoid leaving the house looking like a caveman.

Your makeup doesn’t have to be on fleek. A lot if the times, less is more in these types of situations. Avoid overdoing your make up as it could look “caked-on.” Pluck a couple eyebrows, slap on some mascara and lip stick and you’re ready for the runway.

Pluck a couple eyebrows, slap on some mascara and lip stick and you’re ready for the runway.

If you want to learn how to do the super awesome make up looks, i recommend by watching insane amounts of make up tutorials on youtube. I learned everything i know by watching youtube.

Another thing is, you’ll want to smell nice. Now, I’m not saying you have to bath in a bottle of perfume. All you have to do is make sure you’ve showered recently and put on some deodorant. Of course, you can add a couple sprays of perfume, but again, don’t over do it.

Take care of your clothes

If the tag says to wash it on a delicate cycle, then do it!

The better you take care of your clothes, the longer they will last. The longer they last, the less money you’ll have to spend on new clothes.

Avoid leaning on things and be careful not to stain your dress.

Sew up and stitching that starts to come undone before it gets ripped to far to fix it.

Watch out for washing your clothes too much. Putting them through the washer and dryer causes wear and tear. If you on’y wore that sweater for an hour ( and didn’t get it dirty) hang it back up.

Work with what you already have

Buying new clothes all the time is expensive and unnecessary.

Sure, a full closet can be appealing but match sure it is full of clothes that make you feel amazing.

Get rid of clothes that don’t make you feel amazing and hold on to the ones that you love.

With a few different accessories, shoes and bottoms you can make 15 amazing outfits out of one top.

Less is more is the best mentality to have about clothing.

It is possible to be fashionable on a budget. Its all about your mentality. What are your favorite ways to dress your best on a budget? Do you have any more great tips? Leave a comment below

Till next time,

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