Stress free christmas

How to have a stress free Christmas

The holidays are approaching and to many, including myself, it cam seem daunting. Christmas is supposed to be a time of caring and cheer. But for many, it can be a very stressful time of year. There's more gifts to buy than money, family plans to make, not enough sunlight during the day and so much more. If you are feeling overwhelmed, don't worry. I have put together some great tips to help you...
Top workout essentials

My Top Workout Essentials That I cant go with out

I haven't always been into fitness but since the pandemic hit, I've decided to change that. I've been working out hard for the past few months. Not only have I lost 30 lbs. pounds but I've gained so much more. I've gained confidence, stamina, a great looking butt ( so my fiancé says). I just wanted to share some of my favorite workout essentials that I just couldn't go with out. These items are...
busy mom life hacks

9 Life Hacks for Busy Moms

When you are busy working, trying to be super mom, holidays coming up life can seem really hard. But not to fear, my dear! I have put together 9 life hacks for busy moms. I hope these make your busy life easier. Use a Planner I can not even begin to tell you how lost I would be with out my planner. Using a planner is my number one life hack for busy moms. My entire life is in one book. I've...

Love You Forever

Hey listen, Here’s the thing- When I wasn't ready to let anybody in, you found a way to come into my life. You found a way to capture my heart. And the truth is; I want to love you forever. I want the type of love you only see in fairytales. The type of love that blows people’s minds and they say “Wow! They’re still together.” Because you and I both know, forever just isn’t a thing...
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