Working out at home

Working out at home tips

Just as I started falling in love with going to the gym, the governor sent a new order that shut it down... again. So, it was time for me to get creative and start working out at home. I've experienced A LOT of bumps in the road. There have been days where I only do a 15 min workout. I've had days where I just don't work out at all. I've struggled, more than I like to admit. But, I've learned...
Top workout essentials

My Top Workout Essentials That I cant go with out

I haven't always been into fitness but since the pandemic hit, I've decided to change that. I've been working out hard for the past few months. Not only have I lost 30 lbs. pounds but I've gained so much more. I've gained confidence, stamina, a great looking butt ( so my fiancé says). I just wanted to share some of my favorite workout essentials that I just couldn't go with out. These items are...
How to stick to your work outs for busy moms

How to stick to working out for busy moms

I've been hitting the gym hard for a few months now. I have to admit that i haven't always done that. As a matter of fact, I never used to go to the gym. Working out was something that I always wanted to do but I was never able to stick to a work out. I went through countless phases where I would be getting fit and then I'd drop it all. I'd quit working out, quit eating healthy. I was sick of...
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