6 great ways to celebrate Valentines day as a family

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Valentines day is a big day for couples. I know its supposed to be all about going out with your significant other for a nice meal. Flowers and pretty dresses. Yes, that’s fun and all. But now days, a lot of us have families and sometimes its nice to stay home. Or maybe you can find a sitter that day. What ever the case may be, I have put together a couple ways to celebrate valentines day as a family.

Have a wonderful meal together

Valentines day is all about the meal. A great way to celebrate as a family is to have a great meal together. Try to go for something that everybody likes. Or you could even kick it up a notch and order take out.

Its not a holiday without the decorations! Have fun setting the table with valentines day themed table cloth, napkins, plates and a center piece

Play some valentines themed games

My family loves playing games during all the holidays. You could try doing a valentines themed game of Pictionary, or a scavenger hunt!

Here are some fun minute to win it game ideas: These Minute to Win It Valentine Games 

For more ideas for games, check out this great article: 30 VALENTINE’S DAY GAMES EVERYONE WILL LOVE

Decorate some valentines day themed kindness rocks and hide them

I love rocks! During the warmer months, I’m notorious for picking up random rocks I find that I think are pretty. So, naturally, we have a bunch of rocks laying around.

Have you heard of “Kindness Rocks”. Well, they are just rocks you paint or decorate with words on kindness on them and go hide them somewhere.

A great way to celebrate Valentines day with your family is to decorate some kindness rocks and go hide them. If you don’t just have rocks laying around, I’m sure you can always go pick some up from the dollar store.

And If you’re like us, we live where its cold, so hiding them outside isn’t much of an option but you can hide them in local store and markets. Who doesn’t love to stumble upon some kind words?

Cuddle up and watch a movie

Put on the pop corn! Get some snacks, candy and pop! Its movie night!!

Movie nights are always a hit in our house. The kids love to cuddle up and it gives us adult a chance to relax.

Do a valentines day craft

After dinner, clean off the table and get ready for crafts. Doing crafts are a great way for families to bond.

For some ideas for crafts or valentines gifts to make, check out my latest article : Homemade valentines day gifts

Family love Jar

Get a jar and some paper. (it would be more fun if the papers where little hearts) Set the jar out on the first of February and have every one in the house take turns writing down reasons why they love someone!

On Valentines day, grab the jar and read out loud all of the beautiful things your family has to say about each other.

Valentines day is the day all about love. As long as you show your family love on valentines day, I’m sure your day will be perfect!

What are some great ways you celebrate valentines day with your family? Leave a comment below! I can’t wait to hear from you.

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